bath salts (cathinone)
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Bath Salts Rehab Center

Bath Salts (Cathinone) Addiction Treatment

Bath salts are synthetic central nervous stimulants that can be found in numerous household products. Abuse rates of bath salts have rapidly increased in recent years, and the use of this drug has garnered media attention due to its disturbing and dangerous side effects. Excessive bath salts usage can have dangerous effects on the brain, body, and behavior, including insomnia, anxiety, heart attack, stroke, irritability, aggravated aggression and violence, paranoia, hallucinations, and panic attacks.

Chronic abusers of bath salts risk developing a wide range of psychological problems and mental instability. If you or a loved one is struggling with bath salts abuse and would like to learn about our treatment programs, please contact us right away. We can help you fix the damage bath salts have caused - call us now at (888) 920-9391.