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GHB Addiction Treatment

GHB is a powerful, fast-acting central nervous system depressant. At Passages Malibu, we apply our revolutionary philosophy and cutting-edge treatment methods to put an end to GHB abuse permanently.

The use of GHB results in physical effects comparable to alcohol abuse and can cause feelings of sedation, confusion, and loss of inhibition. When ingested in large does, GHB can cause drowsiness, loss of motor skills, nausea, vomiting, depressed breathing, unconsciousness, and complete amnesia. GHB is also commonly used as a date rape drug, and when taken in combination with alcohol it can cause grave respiratory depression and even death.

If you or someone you care about is struggling with GHB abuse, the time to act is now. Call us right away to learn more about our GHB detox options, treatment programs, and more. Don’t wait! (888) 920-9391.