Prescription Drug Rehabilitation Center at Passages Malibu
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Prescription Medication Addiction Rehab Center

Prescription Medication Addiction Rehab Center at Passages Malibu

Physicians often prescribe potentially addictive drugs to patients suffering from depression, anxiety, insomnia, or other psychiatric conditions caused by chemical imbalances. Although these drugs are intended to correct a problem, they carry a heavy risk for abuse.

At Passages, we offer an unrivaled program of healing that focuses on natural supplements to correct chemical imbalances that can cause psychiatric problems. Rather than prescribing addictive drugs, we seek to go to the root of your chemical imbalance and completely heal it.

Can you imagine being free from your addictive prescription medications? We can, and that’s the goal we hold for you at Passages Malibu. Call us today at (888) 920-9391 and let us explain our cutting-edge prescription drug rehabilitation program to you in detail.