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Barbiturates Addiction Treatment

Barbiturate addiction treatment at Passages Malibu is effective, thorough, and includes a complete detox. Barbiturates (more commonly referred to as sedatives) are central nervous system depressants that produce effects similar to alcohol intoxication, hypnotic episodes, sedation, or complete anesthesia. Barbiturates have chemical properties which make them extremely addictive. The primary symptoms of barbiturate abuse may include drowsiness, dizziness, difficulty articulating, confusion, fatigue, respiratory depression, and impaired judgment. One significant risk that accompanies barbiturate abuse is extreme respiratory depression, which can lead to oxygen loss and even death.

We are confident that our substance abuse treatment programs and progressive treatment methods can end your dependency on barbiturates permanently. Your opportunity to finally end the vicious cycle of barbiturate abuse and dependency is waiting – Call us now (888) 920-9391.