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Why Choose Passages Malibu

Reasons for Choosing Passages Malibu

  1. Individual therapy - (private, one-on-one therapy, rather than group meetings)
  2. A treatment team including addiction experts, therapists, 24-hour nursing staff.
  3. We give you the freedom to use cell phones and laptops - (remain connected to family and business during your stay at Passages)
  4. 16 different types of innovative holistic methods - (customized to meet your individual needs, taking into consideration the specific aspects of your addiction)
  5. Unparalleled luxury and top of the line facilities and amenities - (five different estates, ten acres of Malibu paradise, tennis courts, full gym with personal trainers, private and serene detox unit perched above the Pacific Ocean, two swimming pools, and more)
  6. Access to our elite alumni community – (lifelong ties to a positive and sober support system)

At Passages - Addiction Ends Here™

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